Emerging Artist Musings

Emerging Artist Musings

So I have taken a break from my previous profession as a Speech-Language Pathologist and am fully embracing my life long passion of becoming an artist.

I always wanted to be an artist - of some type - whether via paint or words, the calling has always been there. Engrossing myself in book readings, art exhibitions, concerts, poetry, and dance, my love of the arts is engrained in my soul. 

Painting ideas seem to be pouring out of me, as if they have been waiting to emerge, longing for me to loosen the reins, allowing freedom and creativity to flow freely. Even my mental and physical health have immensely improved! When painting, my whirling thoughts are quieted. My heart soars. I lose all track of time. I love it!! It seems that all of this is happening at the right time too. Perhaps some of that is due to the fact that I am finally allowing myself to be myself, caring less and less about what I think is "right" and allowing my soul and spiritual relationship to be my guide. 

I am still struggling with imposter syndrome and trying to tame the overwhelm of starting a new business and career. I am learning and experimenting with different painting techniques and mediums, learning how to design a website and market myself, and getting to know the local and international art communities. There is sooooo much to learn and being a veracious researcher, sometimes I overwhelm myself haha! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on emerging artists and encourage you to leave a supportive/helpful comment, so that we may learn from one another and grow a supportive community. 

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