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Art transports, transforms, transfixes, and transmutes.

"We absolutely love the painting!!!
I mean you really nailed it! My husband says it looks like my style. He and my son came in and were in awe. I love admiring it while sipping my coffee each morning.
It just makes me so happy."

Art provides a means for expression and human relation; a bridge of connectivity between all living things.

“Joy is exactly that. It warms up my space and makes the room feel lighter and more fun. It was thoughtfully created and framed with me and my space in mind.”

My paintings come from within. It is my hope they will evoke deep connection, allowing a safe place to explore the depths of your being.

I am energetically charged by high contrast with an air of ineffability. Bold colors play to the imagination, whilst expressing the layered complexity of the human experience.


Common themes in my art:

Freedom, Healing, Love, Acceptance, Inner Worthiness, and Strength.